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Behavior Change Architect

Dec 7, 2021

Today’s guest, Karen Mosely, is the president and CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization, also known as HERO. HERO is a national think tank dedicated to advancing best practices in workplace health and wellbeing. Karen provides a summary of where she views the workplace health and wellbeing field being right now, including equity, sustainability, workplace performance and mental and emotional health. Tune in to hear Karen’s description of HERO as a trend spotter in the field, and how the future of workplace well-being will have a focus on diversity and inclusion, the employer ecosystem and how the choices we have impact the choices we make.



  • [03:00] HERO’s 3 to 5 year strategic plan
  • [04:12] Impact of remote work on well-being
  • [06:00] The evolving mission of HERO and behavior change industry
  • [09:00] The effects from the combination of COVID and structural racism
  • [11:00] HERO Forum On-Demand sessions available to listen to
  • [12:00] HERO Health and Well-Being Best Practices Score Card in collaboration with Mercer
  • [15:00] Resources that are publicly available on the HERO website
  • [17:00] Implementing these programs has been shown to increase profitability and create better stock prices
  • [18:00] Caregiving, work life balance, burnout and exhaustion are three of the key topics going into 2022



  • Employers have a very large stake in improving their employees’ health and well-being.
  • HERO is dedicated to advancing best practices in workplace health and wellbeing
  • The focus in 2022 and how organizations will need to take care of employees and assist individual resilience, post pandemic.



Karen Moseley is President & CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), a national think tank dedicated to advancing best practices in employee health promotion. In collaboration with HERO members, Karen and the HERO team provide leadership in research and education on issues such as the impact of wellness program best practices on health outcomes and the impact of healthy cultures on employee performance.